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How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Colorado

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Colorado

We all know that the real estate industry has been hot lately. Many aspiring agents take classes and require education to get a real estate license. “Getting a real estate license is a must,” says Chris Linsell – a real estate coach. If you’re considering being one, then you must take 168 required education and exams, be at least 18 years old, and be able to find a sponsoring broker.

It’s not like other professions that require years and years of education to be a professional real estate broker. In most states, the process of becoming one is almost the same. If you’re living in Colorado and considering pursuing a career in this industry, here are the steps to become a real estate agent in Colorado. Keep in mind as you read the following that you can ask around at several Denver real estate agencies to get more details. Many agents are happy to help.


You must know that there is a required 168 hours of education if you want to be an agent in Colorado. This education is a college-level real estate course, DORA-approved. After you register and complete this course, you can then apply for the Real Estate License Exam. Just make sure that you study hard if you want to pass the test, as it is not exactly easy. 

You can search online for nationally accredited universities, community colleges, and DPOS-approved real estate schools and start researching before you even register.


Besides being a legal U.S citizen, you must be 18 years old to take the real estate exam. For most states in the United States, eighteen is the legal age to register and apply for exams to get a real estate license.


Every applicant must undergo a background check, and they must submit fingerprints to the CBI or Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Colorado wants to ensure that all applicants for real estate licenses have a clean criminal background; as we all know, it involves people’s safety and a large sum of money. All information, specifically the fingerprints, will be analyzed by the FBI system.

You’ll have to start early as this process takes several weeks to complete. The state will grant your real estate license after the CBI runs a background check on you.


Of course, after you complete the 168 hours of required education, you can start applying for the licensing exam. Agencies require this. If you look, there are some exam prep courses that you can get once you register. Research is the key to gathering all the information you need before taking the next steps in getting your license.  

To pass the exam, a score of 75% is required. Reach out to PSI Candidate Care Center at 800.733.926 to schedule an exam reservation.

· Exam fees

As of 2021, the first time you take the exam, you’ll be paying $44.95. Re-taking it will cost you an additional $42.50 fee.

· Exam Questions & Scores

There are two portions of the exam; state and national. One hundred ten minutes are given to complete the state portion, and 120 minutes for the national part. As noted above, you must get a 75% score to pass the exam. So, you’ll have need 60 correct answers to do that. 

After passing, you can get E&O insurance and then gather all the required Colorado Real Estate Broker License documents.


Yes, we’re so proud of you. You’ve come a long way. This is the last step for you to get your license and feel the honor of being a professional agent. YAY!

Colorado uses an online application system, and you can register and apply online. Of course, there will be a fee that needs to be paid. If there are no issues, and you submitted it correctly, you’ll finally be issued a Colorado real estate license.

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