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Painting, Staining & Drywall, Carpentry, Installation or repair switches, outlets, fixtures, fans, and much more.




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We are the top home improvement company in Mississauga, Ontario. We have risen to the top of the industry through dedication and hard work. Check the rest of Pazroofing site for more info.


Our Mission

Our roots are found in the roofing business, but we expanded on that as we gained a reputation. We began as a roofing company that provided various roof improvement services, and we were successful in that. But we noticed the lack of general home improvement businesses in our city, and therefore we decided to expand our business.

Our Goals

The expansion was a risky move, but we were confident in our skills and our management. We hired workers who excelled in their work, and this proved as a smart move as more and more requests for different types of home improvement arrived at our address.


Our Legacy

We are still heavily influenced by our legacy and the majority of our business rests on the roofing and pavements. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we aren’t offering other types of home improvement services. The best way for you to check what we can offer is to visit and browse through our site. The other option is to contact us and ask about the services. Our employees will be happy to give you a list of services we offer.

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