How Long Do Tile, Shingle, and Metal Roofs Last?

How Long Do Tile, Shingle, and Metal Roofs Last?

If you are the average Joe, walking through the roofing department of Lowes or Home Depot may bring more confusion than anything. It can be difficult at times to get a feel for how long a product will actually last. 

A number of roofing styles exist on the market today. Moreover, these different styles offer a variety of materials from which you can choose. We will be covering the following styles and materials in this article. While we are at it, we will be discussing the average lifespan of each material:  


1. 3-tab shingles
2. Architectural shingles
3. Wood shingles


1. Clay
2. Concrete
3. Slate


It is important to note at the outset that there are a number of factors that could lead to the lifespan of a roof being decreased before its expected end. Weather, damage from trees and limbs, poor installation, and more are all reasons for why a roof may not last as long as you had thought. 


• 3-tab asphalt shingles – These shingles are by far the most popular, as they are both cheap and easy to install. They work great, but their life is shorter than the rest of the roofing options on this list. You can expect these roofs to last anywhere from 15-30 years. 

Asphalt architectural shingles – These shingles generally cost more than 3-tab shingles, but they also last longer. The reason for this is that they are denser than the 3-tab counterpart. You can expect these shingles to last around 25-30 years.

• Wood shingles – These shingles are not as common as asphalt shingles, but they are built to last. With these, you can expect your roof to last up to 30 years. However, there are some major drawbacks. If you want this type of roof to last, you will need to maintain it more regularly than other roofs.


• Clay tile – Tile shingles are durable and will occasionally last a lifetime or even more. Clay tiles are strong and sturdy, and these tiles will last for over 50 years on average. If you choose this material, you may never need to worry about your roof again.

• Concrete tile – Concrete shingles will also last upwards of 50 years or more on average. Compared to the clay tile option, concrete tiles will save you some money. However, no matter what tile option you choose, it will be more expensive than many other roofing options. 

• Slate tile – Slate tile roofs will last your entire life and maybe even your children if they move into your home after you. They have an expected life span of 100 years or more! 

Unfortunately, the structure of many homes will not be able to support the weight of these tiles. Nevertheless, the rafters in your home could be improved to bear the weight of these amazing tiles. 

Metal Roof 

• Metal – Metal roofs look great and will last for well over 50 years on average. There are varying thicknesses that you can purchase. The thickness of the metal will ultimately determine the life of the roof, generally speaking. This will also determine what the guarantee from the manufacturer looks like.

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