Types Of Driveway Pavement

Matching your driveway and other house walkways to the road makes your house look rather mundane. If you want a proper and efficient pavement, then this is not the article you should read. We will discuss the usability and the quality of the pavement as well as how it looks.


The focus will be on the beauty a material will give to the look of the property, rather than its usability. We won’t recommend materials that are strictly cosmetic, but those that will last and serve their purpose while looking great.

Two types of material for roads

Before we start talking about materials and how great they are, we should address another subject. This topic is about pavements in which we will talk about flexible and rigid types.

Flexible pavements are thick as they have multiple layers including asphalt and other bituminous materials. This kind of design helps with weight distribution, as some layers distribute the weight which would destroy the road in normal circumstances.


Rigid roads are just regular concrete pathways. A rigid alternative to concrete is the reinforced one that is turned into the slabs. Concrete is robust enough to support the weight that would shatter other materials.

Materials you can choose for your pavement

If you aim at the rustic look of the pavement, then the best option is to go for exposed aggregate. This is just a regular concrete which has its upper layer removed, and you get all shells, pebbles, sand and other materials on the top. This exposes natural textures of the material, and it’s quite appealing.

Some people prefer bluestone pavers due to their look and versatility. And indeed, this material is quite versatile as you can turn it into the gravel or different sizes and shapes. Some go for same-sized pieces, while other prefer various shapes whose size is similar. Check our offer and choose in which way you want us to finish your bluestone pavement.

If you want an exotic finish to your pavement, then we can recommend timber sleepers. This involves placing wood as the finishing onto the concrete. It looks great, but it requires a lot of maintenance, and it won’t last as long as other types of material.