Every part of a house is important and it adds to the beauty of the total house in its own way. If any part is left dirty then it makes the entire house look out of order. All the homeowners put a lot of emphasis on cleaning the interior of the house. They also consider cleaning the lawn and the pathway but the roof is often overlooked.

Roof cleaning is as important as cleaning any other part of the house because it too adds to the beauty of the house. If the roof is left dirty then it will reduce the curb appeal of the house which is surely not desirable. There are some more important reasons that make it very crucial to clean the roof at regular intervals.

Accumulation of debris

It is a known fact that roofs are uncovered and they are exposed to the dirt and dust of the whole atmosphere. Debris gets accumulated on it in the form of leaves, branches from trees, and many others. Rain washes away some dirt and dust for sure but it is not enough. There are layers of algae, fungi, and mosses that cannot be washed away by rain and this surely calls for a roof cleaning.

Algae tend to form a black layer on the roof. It is more evident in the shaded parts of the roof as these microorganisms grow in places that are moist and free from direct sunlight. Fungi also develop similarly and grow when it gets a good amount of rainwater.

Mosses are plants with fine roots and grow on those portions that are damp and receive faint sunlight. Therefore the roof gets covered with all the microorganisms that breed on it freely if it is not cleaned regularly. Not only they restrict their growth to the roof, but they also expand to the walls of the house slowly.

Damage of the roof

All the microorganisms that accumulate on the roof can damage the roof slowly without even coming to the notice of the house owner. Their fine roots start penetrating through the upper layer of the roof and thus the damage starts very fast. Once the top layer starts getting damaged, it will soon penetrate through the walls and in no time the house will turn old and shabby.

Therefore roof cleaning is very essential as it will not only add beauty to the house but also protect it from any sort of untimely damage.