Moss removal is not very DIY friendly process even when the growth is comparatively less and is in small patches. In such cases, it will only cost the prices of materials required and roof cleaner time – around £250 or more… well, less struggle better price.
In cases where the moss growth is significantly thick and covers the whole roof, professional
help must be availed. The cost will increase slightly in the uncontrolled growth of the roof moss
scenario. Prices start from £350.

Tips to keep roof moss off your property

  1. Trim the branches of the tree that grows over the roof. It will inhibit indirect sunlight and prevent moss growth.
  2. Clean the debris from the roof. As mentioned before, the roof debris acts as a source of
    nutrition for moss colonies. Cleaning them will ensure the roof moss do not get their required nutrition to grow.
  3. Adding zinc-copper strips throughout the length of the roof is important. The growth of roof moss is controlled when the ions spread over the roof with the help of rainwater.
    Cleaning a roof is not just important to save money. There are significant other risks involved when unwanted growth occurs. Therefore it is best to take measures for moss removal before someone falls ill or the roof structure becomes too weak to hold itself up.
  4. In the end in the UK climate is impossible to not have moss on your roof so you need pro chemicals that will last on your roof for up to two years made by good roof cleaning contractors that will get the job done.